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Jazz Fest 2006. The first post Katrina Fest.


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Jazz Fest Weekend

So I didn’t attend the Fest this year. There were some acts I wanted to see and they weren’t Elton John or No Doubt. Reading about the large crowds I’m glad I stayed home. Not sure I would feel unsafe in the mass of Festers it’s just not comfortable when it is wall to wall people. Large crowds any given year will sometimes affect the next years attendance. SO maybe it won’t be so bad next year. The only safety concerns I ever have at the Fairgrounds is when it is raining and there is lightning. In many ways the Jazz fest is more about the event than about the music. Many of the local acts can be seen and heard at much better venues around the city all year long.

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Storms, Jazz fest and Broken streets


Monday’s April hurricane hit the area pretty hard. I must say it was one of he stronger thunderstorms that I have seen blow through the area. Knocking down trees even blowing train cars off of a railroad trestle it had quite an effect on the area. Of course I lost power at my house I always do. Compared to an outage by a hurricane this one only lasted about 32 hours. The big difference was that it wasn’t 90 degree temperatures so even though I had no power I was comfortable. Only lost some leftovers in the fridge. The food in the freezer stayed frozen with the exception of the Ice Cream which I drank like a milkshake. while the inconvenience was minor it did throw off my rhythm for the week which is a great segue to the next topic of Jazz Fest.

Jazz Fest

I didn’t attend the fest last week my only regret is that I did not get to see The Who. I hear they put on a great show and it might have been the last chance that I would have to see them. Saturday was rainy and muddy and I just don’t feel like hitting the Fairgrounds under those conditions any more. Been there done that. Weather should be great this weekend still not sure if I am going. I have only missed going to Jazz Fest a couple of times since it’s inception. As BB King would say the thrill is gone. With no out of town company to entertain I might just stay home this weekend and catch up on some reading.

Broken Streets

All I have to say is Fuck this shit it’s getting hard to get around in a car uptown with every North South street in the uptown area torn up.

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Pic of the day




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Yes I’m alive just been crazy busy lately. Still have my Mardi Gras decorations up at the house. Hope to get them put away this weekend along with some other deferred maintenance issues at home. I also hope to sit down and write a post that lets you know how I feel about a number of things that are working on my last nerve. These will include but are not limited to Jindal’s budget, the condition of the streets of New Orleans and can I still afford to live in New Orleans.

The Weather

Yesterday temp in the 80’s (air conditioner) today 40’s (heat) I’m ready for springtime. The weather hasn’t been as cold as it was last year but this yo yo effect is starting to bother me.

Jazz Fest

Looking forward to it.

Stay tuned for my totally biased opinion this weekend. I’ll try to find the time to post a little more often.

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Carnival time

The Carnival season is in full swing. Today is one of the biggest parade days of the season on the uptown route. Watched the parades from Fat Harry’s yesterday. Always a lot of fun to haunt the neighborhood I grew up in. I find myself missing it these days. Not that my own neighborhood lacks carnival action a number of parades begin just a couple of blocks from my house. Today no exception Thoth rolled down Tchoupitoulas street to their starting point near Children’s Hospital. Great thing about Carnival is that I don’t have to work tomorrow. I’m going to lay low and take care of some things around the house. If the rain holds off TUesday I will travel to the Napoleon and St. Charles area to view REX. Some photos taken over the last week.





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Pic of the day


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Week in Review

I’ve had a busy and stressful week at work. My job responsibilities have changed over the last few months and I am actually having to work for a living now. I inherited a number of half finished poorly planned projects which I am slowly but surely getting completed. Enough about me what’s going on down here.

Is Jindal going to put the restoration of our coast at risk?

An editorial on Nola.com criticizes Jindal’s raiding of the Coastal trust fund to balance the states budget. Bobby is starting to remind me of the Emperor Nero. It’s hard to believe that he thinks he could possibly be the president of the United States. He has effectively destroyed the future of the state of Louisiana.

Bobby Jindal can’t shake Louisiana’s financial mess

Not again

A shooting on the Muses Parade Route last night shows that we still have a long way to go to get a handle on violent crime in New Orleans. Muses seems to be snake bitten where parade shootings are concerned. There was a shooting I believe in 2005. Don’t read anything in to this it is not the Krewe of Muses fault.

Ready for the weekend

I haven’t been very excited about the carnival season this year. I am going to do some parading this weekend but my heart really isn’t in to it this year. That can always change and hopefully it will.

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Pic of the day

Went parading yesterday, had a great time in the old neighborhood. Don’t have to go far today. Four parades within a couple of blocks of the home. Beautiful weather going to need the sunscreen today.


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Will the Real Bobby Jindal Please stand up

Politico Magazine pretty much sums up Bobby’s failed leadership in Louisiana. Jindal Louisiana’s absentee governor failed management of Louisiana’s budget has left the state’s finances a shambles. Instead of solutions all Jindal can come up with is excuses.

Bobby Jindal’s Troubles at Home

~ Politico Magazine

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