Mayor Landrieu’s car stolen!!

Ok that’s the last straw. Turn on the Bat signal. The New Orleans Advocate is reporting that Mayor Landrieu’s family car was stolen over the weekend. Grand Theft Auto or Political statement?

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MY Dear Dear MYSQL

Got down and dirty with my Blog’s data base and repaired the comments table. Looks like you can talk back at me now.

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Pic of the Day

Of Course a Carnival shot ’cause it’s Carnival Time


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Weekends Who needs them

Weekends should be a relaxing time away from the drudgery of work. Of course something always happens on the weekend that seems to throw the whole relaxing thing out of wack. Saturday it was waking up to power problems in the kitchen making a cup of coffee a challenge. Without that first cup of coffee first thing Saturday morning threw the whole rhythm of the weekend off and I never fully recovered. Just goes to show that addiction is a terrible thing. I did manage to recover yet the weekend wasn’t as productive as I had hope it would have been.

Beavis and Butthead

Watched 60 minutes last night. The segment with Boehner and McConnell made me laugh. As I watched I couldn’t get it out of my head how much they remind me of Beavis and Butthead. Not to mention there was nothing new or informative in the segment. I know where they stand without having to hear it on 60 minutes.


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Upgrade of Word Press has broken my comments. If you really have something you want to tell me email: Fixed no need to email

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Pic of the day


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Never a dull moment in Louisiana

Rich People’s Problems

Maybe Rita Benson LeBlanc should have been a little nicer to “paw paw”. Her grandfather Tom Benson one of the richest men in Louisiana has decided to not pass on his legacy as owner of the Saints and Pelicans to his grand daughter. This feud has been in the works for a while now. Rita the grand daughter once considered the heir apparent has been less visible in recent years where the Saints are concerned. After announcing that his wife Gayle Benson will be in charge of the Saints and Pelicans when he is gone his daughter and grandchildren have sued wanting to have him declared mentally incompetent to make decisions concerning his business affairs. This should add some drama to the Saints organization that is trying to return to the upper echelon of NFL teams after a disappointing 2014 season. Tom Benson has had a love hate relationship with the fans since hurricane Katrina came to town. Immediately after the storm there was talk of the Saints leaving New Orleans. Nine years later and a long term deal to keep the Saints in Louisiana most of the ill will with the locals has healed. Stay tuned this story is far from over although I must say it should be classified as rich people’s problems

No Go Zone

Bobby Jindal’s economic development trip to Europe would appear to be anything but. I have not seen a single news item that would indicate that this is an economic development trip. Lord knows we need some economic development here as the state budget faces collapse due to the falling prices of oil. Latching on to the now retracted FOX interview with Nolan Peterson during which he described areas of France as “no Go zones” that he compared to living in Afghanistan and Iraq. Fox News has backtracked on this idea but Bobby Jindal has not. He should come home and take care of some local “no go zones” specifically The French Quarter in New Orleans.

One has to love living in south Louisiana where there is never a dull moment.

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Another Pic Of The Day


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No Smoking NOLA

Not surprising that the Smoking Ban in Casinos and Bars passed the City council. I haven’t smoked in over a year but I do vape on the e-cigg. I really think that the people who supported this the most are just anti smoking and not really concerned about public health in general. As I looked at the photo online of the non smoking lobby I wondered why they really want to intrude on the chosen lifestyle of the dude In Brothers III lounge forcing him to go outside to smoke. It’s not like they will ever be bothered by second hand smoke in that establishment. As for the employees there it will probably just be a hardship for them. They will now have to go outside to smoke. Many establishments in New Orleans had gone smoke free voluntarily so it’s not like there were no venues for non-smokers to work or play. The thing that bothers me is government telling private citizens that they can’t choose their own lifestyle. will we all have to start wearing health monitors to get health insurance. Will we be able to eat the foods and enjoy our liquor or is government going to decide we can’t have those either. Council member Cantrell seemed a little to arrogant about this issue when afterwards she held up a picture of Dorothy Mae Taylor. Taylor is more a symbol of devision than of progress. Will a smoking ban affect me? Not much, if I can’t vape and listen to music at the Cigar bar around the corner I will just have to light up a Cigar and subject my body to burning tobacco on occasion. My problem is not with the effect of the ban but rather government making lifestyle choices for me. I wonder if Cantrell’s husband is still smoking pot and if she let’s him do it in the house?

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Pic of the day

Picture46 567

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