It’s Carnival Time

It’s that time of year in New Orleans where we throw the baby out the window and let the joints burn down. Yes it’s carnival time. It’s always a nostalgic time for me, having trekked to the parades as a boy before the uptown route moved a half a block from my house, or the company that always showed up at this time of year to share in the event. It always bring back memories of my mom it was her favorite time of the year even beating out Christmas. I think about how lucky I was to know Mardi Gras as a child when the event wasn’t as wild and crowded and maintained a more local and neighborhood feel. The modern Mardi Gras doesn’t bother me too much, although at times the crowds are kind of thick for my taste. I no longer scramble for doubloons, beads or other trinkets and treasures thrown by the riders. These days I usually just get out my camera and take pictures. I am probably one of the few people who drinks less at this time of year, drinking is such a normal pass time in this city that I don’t feel the need to get drunk to pass a good time at carnival.





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Stop killing the babies

Baby Killing

The slaughter of children continues in New Orleans, apparently gunmen in this town are such bad shots that they are routinely hitting and killing children or they are targeting infants for some reason I can’t understand. Police have arrested a suspect in the killing of the 13 month old who was murdered last week and have some person’s of interest that they are searching for in the murder of the 11 year old on Monday. The familiar cries of won’t take it anymore are heard on the news and on the street, but very little concrete planning or action is being taken to turn this situation around. This is nothing new for this city it has been going on for years, even pre Katrina. Eight years ago before the storm hit I was considering leaving New Orleans because of the crime and general run down condition of the City. The new New Orleans isn’t any better, the crime flourishes and despite efforts of the current government to repair the infrastructure we remain a poorly maintained city. Yes, I know shit happens everywhere but there are places that are a lot better than NOLA. The festivals, Mardi Gras, the food and freedom may not be worth the heartache of living here.

Personal Notes

I’m continuing to lose weight and improve my overall health. I’ve learned that carrying around that extra thirty pounds was wearing me out. If I get rid of another 20 and maintain I will feel pretty good about myself. Up for a promotion at work slightly different job with same employer. Some other factors are holding it up but I am a patient person, (sometimes) and can stick it out.

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Pic of the day


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My Darlin’ New Orleans


It’s that time of year again, Hurricane season. This has been kind of a strange year so far. Predictions are for a very active season, and we have had some activity so far. But it all seems to peter out before it can develop into anything big. The season is far from over and I wouldn’t count on not having an event in the city this year. Brutally hot July turned in to a somewhat mild August, at least mild by NOLA standards. We still have another month or two of hot weather before we can wake up and say Brrrr… in the morning.


Read the news paper, it’s not getting better. I am convinced that the Mayor has the wrong man in charge at NOPD. I don’t see him changing at this point, he is probably a shoe in for re-election and doesn’t have to make any changes. Murder stats may be down but lots of people are getting mugged, robbed, and beaten to within an inch of their life. Let’s all stand up and yell, “we’re not going to take it anymore” like primal therapy that might make you feel better for a couple of minutes. The reality is it does nothing to make the crime situation better.


Kind of third world in NOLA right now. THere is so much road construction going on in uptown New Orleans that I can’t even get to work without driving through a construction zone. Electricity went out last week for a short time, we had another boil water advisory last month. Growing up here this kind of crap rarely if ever happened. Guess we could yell “we’re not going to take it any more” again it doesn’t really help.


The Saints are playing football again and our exiled coach has returned. Was treated to a pre-season game by Budweiser last week. Free food, free beer, good seats. I really enjoyed the game. Hopefully the team will return to Superbowl form and give us something to smile about.

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Slow Bake


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Summer time in NOLA

I used to hate the summers here, the heat the humidity the airconditioning. Don’t get me wrong I certainly appreciate A/C. Having grown up with no airconditioning I remember the nights with the bed soaked in sweat and no relief at all. However I don’t like living in airconditioning I prefer fresh air.I do however appreciate the comfort it allows during the hot summers in New Orleans.

These days I like to sweat, not at night when I am trying to sleep but during the day when I am out and about. I feel like I am releasing a lot of free radicals that have built up in my body. I always lose weight in the summer time and this year I need that effect more than ever. Eating cold foods, like home made chicken salad, pimento cheese, and a cold soup that my mom taught me how to make.

It is also the beginning of Hurricane season, seems like the gulf gets fired up earlier every year. Growing up I never remember worrying about storms in June. We didn’t even think about them until the end of July. It’s going to be in the 90′s every day until sometime in late september. No need to complain about it. Have a cool drink, find a place to swim, or just sit inside in the airconditioning for the next four months. After all it’s summertime in NOLA.

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Pic of the day


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They caught em’

Last night the NOPD and the United States Marshalls caught the accused Mother’s Day shooter. Not only did they catch their primary suspect but they have also arrested five others in connection with the case. As the story unfolds it would seem like we have seen this kind of thing before. The shooters are part of a dangerous drug gang and were seeking revenge on someone who was near or in the parade. I am sure more details will be disclosed in the next few days. I’m not sure why they feel they have to take revenge in broad daylight with innocent people including children are in the crowd. Not many New Orleanians have a problem with thug on thug crime, unfortunately the thugs in this town feel they have to open fire into the middle of a crowd, generally hitting everyone except the person they are after. There is one story that really brings the idiocy to light. Ka’Nard Allen a ten year old boy, Last October his father was murdered by his stepmother. In May of 2012 at his tenth Birthday party his cousin Briana Allen was killed and he was shot in the neck inn another gang bang shooting. His Cheek was grazed by a bullet during the Mother’s day shooting.

Some of us live in safer parts of the city. While anything can happen anywhere I don’t live in the environment where ten year olds get shot multiple times in a year or five year old girls are murdered. Akein Scott the suspect in this case is a known criminal, like so many known dangerous criminals in this community he was not in prison. Unless the evil ones are kept off the street kids like Ka’Nard don’t have a chance.

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Pic of the day


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Second line shooting

The national news media picked up on the Second line shooting incident in New Orleans further battering our reputation as an unsafe city. I can’t argue with the perception for some of the citizens here it truly is an unsafe city. For others including myself not as bad. With nineteen victims, thankfully it looks as if are going to survive, it was not a safe city on Mother’s day. Witnesses have identified a suspect and the police are searching for him now. I would say he will be caught sooner than later. The positive aspect of this is that witnesses have come forward to identify the perpetrator of what could be called an act of domestic terrorism. We will have to discover the shooter’s motive before we can actually call it that. The rally yesterday at the site of the shooting included the Mayor with all the City council persons in attendance, again raised the cry that the community has to come together to stop the violence. The community has come together to give information to the police and there are a lot of neighborhoods that are fighting crime by just being good neighbors. Stopping the violence before it has occurred is a little more difficult. Discovering the root cause of these children choosing evil over a decent life baffles me.

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