Dead badge of courage

It is a very honorable thing for average people to step in and help prevent a crime or rescue someone from being a victim. The problem is that sometimes “wisdom is the better part of valor”. The story of Mike Ainsworth which garnered national attention is an example of what I am talking about. Though it may be a judgement call on my part if they had let the carjacker have the car everyone would still be alive. I cannot tell whether Mike was trying to prevent the woman’s car from being stolen or whether he felt he was saving her life. I wasn’t there. The tragedy is that if the thug had been allowed to drive away Mike might still be alive today. I do believe he felt he was doing the right thing, the price he and his family paid was too high.

In yesterday’s news there was another story of good Samaritans stepping in to stop a crime. After passing counterfeit money in a wine shop, then stealing a phone as police were being called employees of a restaurant next door tried to stop the fleeing perp. One man was slightly injured as he was dragged down the street while clinging to the getaway car. It could have been worse.

So where is the balance there are certainly times when risking your life in an attempt to save someone’s life is worth the risk. There are other times when only property is involved. That is not worth losing your life over. Property can be replaced your life cannot. It is great to know that there are so many in New Orleans who are willing to get involved. We certainly don’t want to be like the Neighborhood in Queens, N.Y in 1964, it is reported that thirty eight people witnessed the stabbing or heard the cries of Catherine Genovese. Not one person intervened or called the police.

Yes get involved when it is required, at the same time don’t throw your life away over a car, a wallet, or some other piece of property than can be replaced.

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