Anatomy of a weekend

With all the fun St. Paddy’s day celebrations this weekend it wasn’t a challenge to avoid it all. Not that I have anything against the day, I just wasn’t up for the fun. Having struggled with a physical problem the last month and a half I needed the weekend to get back on track. The cure for my ailment is to get my Piriformis muscle back into shape so that it will stop bothering my Sciatic nerve. Exercise is the cure but walking doesn’t work. As a matter of fact excessive walking makes the problem worse. The major pain episodes had ended by the weekend after following a low impact physical therapy routine. I decided Saturday that I was going to get on the bicycle and take a little ride. After my traditional ride to the Huey P. and back on the levee the Piriformis syndrome was not bothering me but it did not take long for my somewhat atrophied muscles to start aching. I can live with that, I can get rid of that kind of ache and pain.

Sunday got on the bike again didn’t go as far, a couple of laps around the park. I ached all day yesterday as I caught up on Laundry and house cleaning that was long overdue. Compared to the pain I have been through over the last month the aches and pains from exercise weren’t so bad, plus I know they are working towards something good in the end. I hope to be back to my form of three years ago, both figuratively (no pun intended) literally, when exercise was like crack for me.

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