I’m Back

It was a lot harder to refrain from blogging this week than I thought it would be. There was so much going on in the news I was really tempted to put my two cents worth in a couple of times. The time off was good for me I got started on a number of projects that I just kept putting off thinking that some magic trick was going to make them all disapear.

There will be a For Sale sign in front of the house very soon. We have signed a contract with a realtor and change has been set in motion. The house has tons of furniture in it, last weekend we moved a truckload of it to Mobile where it is currently in storage. That load has barely scratched the surface of what needs to be moved. I cleaned my closet out for the first time in years, the Am-vets picked up six or seven garbage bags of clothes. I hope they can put them to good use. I have started packing some other stuff that I don’t use on a daily basis, and may have a lead on a rental to move to.

It is truly amazing the things a person saves over the years I have been filling my mini dumpster garbage can to the brim every pick up day. While there is a lot of family history and emotion tied up in this house, the change is a positive thing for all involved.

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3 Responses to I’m Back

  1. oyster says:

    Aw Man! I’m going to be sorry to see you go. Good luck, with the move, though. Lemme know if you need some help. (Seriously.)

  2. judyb says:

    Moving out of state?

  3. barbawit says:

    To JudyB:

    My mom is moving to Mobile my sister is there, Barbawit will probably die in New Orleans, hopefully after a long and happy life.

    To Oyster:

    I’m trying to stay in the neighborhood, looking to rent right now when I get mom settled and have some time to breathe I might buy.

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