Here I am again posting to my long neglected blog. Once again I am announcing that I am going to start posting on a regular basis we shall see if that pledge stays true. One of the reasons I am posting is that during the aftermath of Katrina and the Federal flood this blog was a reliever of stress. Daily rants and tirades concerning the state of the city and the lack of progress released a lot of anger and stress. Today the Stress has a different source. As my career has grown along with it salary and responsibility I suffer from a different type of stress. It is the stress of having to meet high expectations on the job even when the task given to me is not of my own making. Adding to the stress is working with a group of people who no matter how much better their lives would be if they would get on board instead of complaining and through willful inefficiency sabotaging efforts to improve things. I guess it comes with the territory and is a working condition that I have to live with therefore I shouldn’t let it add to my stress levels. I am coming to the conclusion that the American worker isn’t happy unless they are unhappy.

New Web Host

My site has been hosted by Yahoo Small business since it’s inception. For my purposes it has worked out fine. Not too pricey and enough features to keep me happy. In an effort to stop Yahoo’s tailspin into the sea Marissa Meyer sold off the small business web hosting to Aabaco. No difference other than I had to create an account with my new hosting service. Not a bad thing in all since I always got funny looks when I told people I used Yahoo as my web hosting service.


When did presidential elections start resembling High School class presidential elections. All I can say is that the candidates are all too sophomoric for me to take seriously. If this is the best our country has to offer in the way of leadership I to will have to get on the bandwagon of ‘America is doomed’. However I was pleasantly surprised by the election of John Bel Edwards to the office of the Governor of the State of Louisiana. He’s kind of a throwback to the southern Blue Dog Democrats. At the same time his tone is that of someone who wants to solve the state’s problems without a lot of partisan rhetoric. That in itself is refreshing. I guess the people didn’t want a family values guy who frequents prostitutes as their Governor. So long Diaper Dave.

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