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A couple of years ago when I first started blogging I certainly would have something to say about the state of the city. I guess I have some catching up to do.

The Streets

Anyone who lives here knows all about the horrible conditions of the streets as well as ongoing construction projects that make getting anywhere in the uptown area a challenge. When it comes to construction I think we can all agree that the drainage projects that are taking place on most of the North South thoroughfares in the uptown area are needed. The problem is the amount of time it is taking to complete these projects. To have so many of the major roadways under construction at the same time really affects the quality of life for the people who live adjacent to the construction as well as those who have to get anywhere in a car. Businesses that are located on the construction area are being hit hard. It is impossible to run your storefront businesses when no one can actually get to your front door. From my chair it looks like horrendous planning with little concern for the effects the project is having on the citizens is par for the course. Yes we need to fix the infrastructure but the city needs to do it in a way that does not destroy small businesses and cause undue hardship on the citizens. I hope I lie long enough to see this project through. SELA New Orleans.


Same as it ever was. NOPD is having a hard time putting enough officers on the street to properly cover the city. Morale within the department is not the greatest and officers are subjected to a perception that they are not good cops. The reality of the situation is that the response time and operational deficiencies in the department are not the fault of the cop on the beat. The mayor needs to step p and admit that he allowed leadership or lack there of to lapse for most of his tenure as mayor. It was obvious early on that Serpas was not going to get the job done the mayor waited way to long to take action. With the Feds overseeing the department through consent decree there is a lot of pressure to get NOPD up to par. While it is reported that numbers for murder and some other crimes are lower than in the recent past it seems that the crimes in New Orleans tend to have such a high profile that they make national news. When football icons and tourists are being killed it really gives the city a black eye. If only the criminals would stick to victimizing the locals the situation would not get as much attention. We all know that even local leaders put the citizenry of the city second.

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